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Danny Bee

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How did you get into radio?

At the age of 13, I started as a mobile DJ and hired my equipment from a company that operated road shows for radio stations at 15 I worked voluntarily for the company. I made demo tape after demo tape and a number of years on I got a break thanks to a crazy programme controller that probably lived to regret it.

What do you love about City Beat

City Beat reminds me so much of how radio used to be! That’s a massive positive… not because its old fashioned because its certainly not, quite the contrary. As an individual operator It’s able to stand out from the competition, having an edge with the music it can play and an element of freedom on what presenters can say. I reckon City Beat makes radio fun to listen too again and fun to produce.

What do you love about Preston City 

Preston is the city at the heart of Lancashire, not so big you get lost not too small you get bored

What show do you present?

Drive Time 4pm – 7pm on Fridays with the City Beat Chart 4pm till 6pm and then we set you up for the weekend.

If you could have any band, or musician perform live on your show, who would you pick and why?

Prince because he’s a musical genius and he’s shorter than me so I would look tall!

If you could have any guest on your show, who would you pick and why?

Mary Berry!!! Cos I love the cake!

 What do you get up to when you’re not entertaining City Beat listeners?

Survive!! I duck and dive wheel and deal like most. Love life and hope for the best!