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Local radio station launches new online presence


Local radio station City Beat have launched their new website as part of their expansion and modernisation plan.

Local radio station for Preston and South Ribble, City Beat have launched their new online presence.  The concept of the new website is to allow visitors access to a wealth of accurate local knowledge, news and information in an immersive audio visual experience.

image showing a capture of the City Beat hompage

The new website is feature rich with Audio and Video content as well as offering full profiles of all presenters on City Beat and its sister station City Beat Xtra.

Station Manager LJ said “As well as being a show case for the station our new site gives our listeners more news and information about their favourite presenters and an understanding of their taste in music and their likes”.


As more people listen online as well as on FM radio, the website gives the stations global audience news and information that is important to them.

Over the next few weeks new features will be launched aimed at the next generation of on-air and off-air talent to help them get involved in City Beat.