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Grimsargh Solar Farm


TGC Renewables plan to create a a solar farm has been recommended for approval by Preston City Council’s planning officers. This new investment could be powering more than 2500 homes in the area surrounding Grimsargh.

TGC plan to keep the solar farm runing for about 25 years.Image of Solar Panels

Talks with Preston City Council planning committee are set to go ahead on Thursday at 1.30pm at the town hall.

Planning officers claim the proposals have received no objections however, some locals fear the solar farms will destroy agriculture land.

A farmer’s wife previously slammed the plans saying “I feel very strongly that they should not be putting the solar farm on agricultural land, why can’t they put it on brownfield sites”?

However, some locals embraced the plans from when it was first introduced. Roy Amner who is TGC’s director previously said most locals had positive reviews from an exhibition which was held at the Village Hall.