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City Beat Talent Search

City Beat Talent Search

Find a Larger Audience for Your Music with Professional City Beat Talent Search

As a musician, you develop and create your own unique sound to entertain your audience. At City Beat 103.2 we wish to raise the awareness of new musical talent on both the domestic and international stage. We create the right kind of buzz and exposure to help advance your career.

City Beat Talent Search was launched with a focus to promote “music with depth” within the communities we serve.

The Lancashire music scene is significant to us for its emphasis on uncompromising innovation and personal expression at all costs. Original voices are valued more than generic scenes. City Beat Talent Search’s “music with depth” ethos very much applies new talent within the Lancashire area these are the artists we choose to promote.

There is more to successful music promotion than just knocking on everyone’s door. Music marketing must be done carefully with a well thought-out plan. We have a wide range of marketing tools and tips in order to find, nurture and progress new talent.  We contact only the PR outlets that best suits your music, your style and your overall career goals.

Our priority is getting you the most relevant local, national and international press. We go through the traditional channels by contacting major, mid-level and independent print publications on your behalf. We also work with an army of freelance writers and bloggers to ensure that our artists are heavily promoted and written about online.

Find out more about the new City Beat Talent Search Initiative.

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